Specific Concerns

Do you have certain issues or concerns that are more specific and require detailed attention? Do you have a health condition or do you take medication(s)? Then a one-on-one aromatherapy consultation is the way to go.

Utmost care

I require a client consultation before I make any specific custom blends. It’s unprofessional and could be dangerous to your health if I were to make a custom blend with little knowledge of your situation. Careful thought is given to which essential oils and carrier oils, if applicable, would be the most beneficial for your situation.

Why Choose Me

I’m a certified aromatherapist with over 235 hours of professional aromatherapy training and over 75 hours of study in anatomy and physiology. I’ve been trained how to use oils safely and effectively, which oils to avoid for certain health conditions and/or medications, and I’d be honored to help you get some relief.

Consultation Fee

The fee for an aromatherapy consultation, two aromatherapy products, and a follow up is $70.00. I put my aromatherapy training into practice as well as thoroughly research, many times for hours, so I can create aromatherapy products that will help you improve and alleviate your symptoms. I’ll choose essential oils as well as carrier oils, if applicable, that are specific to your situation.

Client Forms

You’ll fill out a client intake form before your visit and I’ll look into your concerns thoroughly and research the oils that will be most beneficial for your specific situation. It’s important that the intake form is filled out completely and all medications, health conditions and other pertinent information is disclosed. I’ll be checking to make sure none of the essential oils I use in your aromatherapy products have contraindications with medication(s) you’re taking or health conditions you have. I’ll be researching the best essential oils as well as carrier oils, if applicable, for your specific concerns so I can offer you the best possible aromatherapy products.

Additional Information

During the consultation, if we’re dealing with issues that require your input for certain aromas, you get to choose which aromas resonate well with you. Often during the consultation more details arise about your situation that end up being important to know when I’m creating your blends. It usually takes 1-2 days to get your products ready for pickup. When your blends are ready I’ll contact you with a time you can come by. I’ll include detailed instructions on how and when to use the products. A week after your consultation I’ll follow-up to see if the initial products are helping or if adjustments are needed. I always keep recipes of products I make, so refills can be purchased as needed.

Need to know

I am not a medical doctor. I do not diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions. The services I offer are based on my education and experience as an aromatherapist and shouldn’t be a substitute for medical treatment. If I feel your issues are beyond my scope of practice I’ll be up front and recommend you seek professional medical attention. Aromatic Insight & Inspiration, LLC products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


To Request a Client Intake Form Contact Me Here:

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Some of the things I have helped clients with:

Trouble falling asleep


Athlete’s foot

Arthritis pain


MRSA infection

Digestive troubles





Mental clarity

Menstrual cramps

Muscle pain

“Penny is one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable aromatherapists that I have ever met! I was very fortunate to have Penny help my teenage daughter through a very difficult time in her life. My daughter was experiencing high anxiety and we did not feel ready to use pharmaceuticals. Penny discussed with us what essential oils would be best for my daughter to use. These oils helped my daughter to refocus her attention and to calm her. Penny has done her research on essential oils and works to protect her client’s health as well as help them find relief from certain ailments. Thank you Penny!”

Diana C.

“I first received help from Penny when I had trouble with a little bit of anxiety. She made an aromatherapy inhaler for me to use when I am feeling anxious. I use it all the time! I came back to her a couple months later when I needed something to help me feel a little more energized. Penny researched the oils that may help, then we sat down and went through the smells of all of them. She put them together and let me choose the combos that I liked best. The oil combo she came up with is amazing and it works for a couple of uses! My husband now has an inhaler and my daughter has one she uses before tests! The aromatherapy inhalers work so well for us.”

Anna B.